How it all works

Tactics.tf is a simple tactical map overview tool for competitive TF2, and an adaptation of a casting stream analysis tool for teams to use. It allows real time annotation and saving of scenarios to accompany map team talks. Chrome is strongly recommended as the browser, other browsers javascript engine aren't always fast enough to edit reliably.

The workflow is basic but effective. A single user, who is the analysis room controller and carries the responsibility of annotation, logs in and creates the room. A link can then be distributed to viewers to take part in the session viewing updates in real time while discussion takes place in mumble. Multiple angles of every point on most popular 6v6 maps are included.

The interface is pretty self explanatory but these screen grabs should make it completely clear what each section is for:

Map select and icons

Distribution link


Drawing arrows

Drawing circles

Drawing ellipses

Drawing rectangles

Removing elements

Saving and loading

Note that saved diagrams are linked to the identity of the editor that saves them. They can only be shared again at a later date by being loaded into a fresh room by the same user.

Who can draw?

It's possible for different users to take control of the editor, but only one user can control a session at once. When a user is in the viewer there should be a transparent button visible top left that looks like this

Clicking this will make a request to use the current editor visible in the control panel which looks like this

Click the accept button to transfer control of the editor over to the requesting player. The user who was controlling the session will automatically switch to viewing only. The user that created the room maintains ultimate control of the room by having an additional button available in the viewing screen

This button will immediately shift control of the session back to the user who started the room.

To faciliate these changes user identification has had to be tightened up so all users in a session must be logged in, even if they only want to access the viewer. Any unauthenticated user visiting the viewer link should be redirected to steam login automatically.

Thanks to...

Sideshow for helping develop the concept and doing all the work taking initial screenshots and helping test this version. Tery_ for helping test this version in real map talks.
b33p, REM and Cocoforcocopuffs for their work on additional maps